YES-O! For a better future

By Benjamin Joseph B. Lomibao

Environmental issues is a concern that needs an immediate attention from the Government as well as to every individual that lives on earth. Part of the responsibility of the Department of Education is to equip every student on the proper way of handling every issues and concerns pertaining to the environment. It is imperative that students will be provided programs and activities that will reinforce positive knowledge and skills that will preserve and conserve our mother nature.

The Department of Education along with the collaboration of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources introduced the memorandum No. 254, s. 2007 which is a pursuant of the DepED Order No. 72, s. 2003 which pertains to the Youth for Environment in Schools Organization also known as YES-O. It is an organization in every primary and secondary school that has set of program which includes variety of activities that centers in the conservation and preservation of the mother nature through the use of the students under the presiding officers which is the YES-O advisers.

The YES-O has an annual report that needs to be accomplished at the end of each school year submitted by the YES-O advisers. Coupled with the report are the activities accomplished by the YES-O members which is mainly the students. The YES-O includes the following programs which are first tree planting and growing, environmental awareness campaigns and symposiums, waste management segregation and entrepreneurship program, watershed protection, science camp and environmental programs. Each of the programs under YES-O are designed to support and stand as the baseline in reaching the main objective of YES-O. As a matter of fact in the City of Balanga National High majority of the programs of YES-O are being practiced and executed by the students under the supervision of each science teachers and YES-O adviser. In addition the students get to have a more in depth personal encounter with the nature and how to take a good care of it which boost up their desire to be more responsible to their actions which affects our nature.

It is vital to expose the students to different activities that will tackle about environmental issues to save the future generation to come. Moreover it is hope that reasonable results based from the program will come out and will be beneficial to so many exiting environmental problems. The Department of Education and DENR are steadfast in coming up with positive results as each schools from both primary and secondary schools make proper use of the tool YES-O.

In conclusion, making use of YES-O is a great way to find solution in bringing each students closer to the nature and teaching them to be a better individuals in our society.