By: Leticia E. Eugenio

Senior Education Program Specialist

Humans cannot easily survive in this world if they lack intelligence. Our society cannot produce development without success. In order to live, humans heed to study every single edge of our society. In order to live, we people are required to go into the complex river of erudition into a simple one.

As cited by Helgi Library, number of teachers in primary education reached 461,000 in 2014 in Philippines. Historically, Philippines reached an all-time high of 461,000 in 2013 and an all-time low of 0.000'000 in 1979. When compared to Philippines ‘main peers, number of teachers in primary education in China amounted to 5,860,000, 1,802,000 in Indonesia and 387,000 in Vietnam. Philippines ranked 10th within the group of 157 countries following number of teachers in primary education, 1st place above the position seen 10 years ago.

The Philippines is naturally gifted with compassionate people who are willing to spread the knowledge to fellowmen. Our nation provides the quality education for young Filipino, but the Filipino teachers provide inspirations to these young people. Choosing to be a teacher is truly a passion. The data above only proves that there are lots of future riders in the race of education. A teacher has a vital role in the field. They are very significant to our society.

We are very lucky that the percentage of citizens nowadays take the program education. Who would guide our dreams? Who would fulfil our minds with intelligence? Who would surpass our hunger to cognizance? Who would strengthen our weak beliefs, intellect, and mentality? Only an educators.

It is too foolish to say that a job of a professor, an educator, instructor, pedagogue, preceptor, and a school teacher is facile. It is harder than they know. They carry a lot of responsibilities and obligations. They carry hundreds of errands and works. Most importantly, they carry our future.

They should be thankful- thankful that they have diligent and passionate educators who are committed not only to work but to inspire, encourage, motivate, and love young citizens. They, should be, thankful.

For all the success and achievements they receive… A Salute to the Teachers.