Post date: December 12, 2018

By Benjamin Joseph B. Lomibao


City of Balanga National High School

In most cases we can say that for us to have a beautiful life we have to overcome the challenges and tribulations that life has. The statement brought us to a conclusion that majority of the successful people overcame different obstacles to make it to the top.

In many instances a lot of people had to take certain steps to make it to the top. There are certain checkpoints that needs to bring to mind. Education is one of the keys to success, and pursuing education is one of the best ways to achieve one’s goals in life. From the beginning we are born, we start to learn. We learn in life how to deal with life challenges and attend to our needs. We learn how to communicate and interact with others and how to make strides. Some of these we learn on our own, and the rest we learn from our guardians, loves ones and others. As time goes by the amount of information we can learn on our own decreases, and we must rely on formal education in order to develop skills and knowledge in order to reach the top.

There is nothing like getting a firm and good education. It enhances your mind and provides you with a key to open a world of opportunities and possibilities. Learning is one of those aspects in life that is incomparable to anything. Education is a powerful tool and instrument necessary for the achievement of one’s dream.

In a classroom setup there are students that has different opinions and perspectives in life in what path they want to travel. As educator we have the obligation to stress to our students that whatever path they want to choose they should understand the importance of having a good education.

As a matter of fact Education helps us understand the things around us. It gives us a purpose in life and helps us solve problems in general to specific or the other way. In fact it is also vital that when educating our students we do not neglect to educate their hearts.

When we are educated it gives us a broader wisdom and knowledge of the world around us and changes it into something better. It is not just about lessons in textbooks. It is about the lessons of life.

Let us help each and every student not to hold back and hesitate if they are offered the opportunity to have a decent education. Help them know that it has the power to change and improve their life. If they are thinking of going to school, or back for higher education, it is worth highly considering.

Remember that this is the moment to perform. Your time is now!