In the interim, I was in Comma

By: Aisee Paguio Cruz, MAEd, BNHS T-III

One time, I remember my cousin who was in coma. Yes, he is still alive, but he cannot respond normally to his environment. He does not react to external stimuli and will not show normal reflex responses. With that, I can’t help but compare my life to his current condition.

It is undeniably an honor to have a sip and taste of the reality of life at a very young age. It almost consumed my system that in the interim, I was in coma. I witnessed and personally experienced things which almost blew my system, yet I could not react. I had my voice, but I could not express it. Yes, there were those tough times that I know I can take a stand, but different circumstances discouraged me. How could I? I am not in the right position to do so. Thus, similar to my cousin’s situation, I had my plans. I had prepared myself through studying, attending seminars, reading scholastic materials, and conversing with the field experts. I was very eager to learn. I strived so hard. My life revolved entirely to teaching. However, my life depends on the life support from the outside that the only thing I can do is control what is inside me.

With that, I prayed so hard. I asked God to regain my energy. I implore Him to revive and heal my wounded heart so I could return. No matter how dangerous it might be to stand in the middle of the world, I asked Him to wake me from that comatose stage. That was just the start. No matter how things end, I can always start again.

Yes, in the interim, I’ll be in coma. I know it will take time for the right phase and moment to arrive. But I am willing to wait. I have taken a comma to pause for a short while but in the next school year, I’ll play again.

All of us will come to that phase where we would like to stop, but as a teacher, I believe that a period should be used sparingly. We better use a comma to take time to reflect and be born again with a brighter disposition so that we could face life’s challenges and obstacles with a braver structure.

Let’s build our foundation well and face them again. They may take our life support but we can make it in God’s grace.