Senior Education Program Specialist

"A teacher is an influencer, a helper, and a worker."

Only few have big dreams. Not everyone in the society has hues to make each life better. They live in the world of aspirations- full of desires and inspirations. But they have no colorful eyes to see it. They are born blind...

But who would help them visualize how multicolored our world is?

A teacher's job weighs heavier than the job of a doctor, an artist, and an engineer.

A doctor may save a life in one operation but a teacher saves many lives in one discussion. They lead the students in a good path by disciplining, motivating and simply educating children on what is wrong. They introduce us to how life works inside this complicated society. They also teach them how to stand using their own feet when circumstances come. They help people put tints and shades to their own lives to heal not only themselves but also the nation. They preserve an improved version of future for others. Teachers make them better.

An artist may flaunt the beauties and meanings of the artistic environment made by God, but a teacher makes them see the abstracts of knowledge, the different edges of intelligence, and the man-made sculptures of life. Teachers carve not wood nor steel but solid morals, behaviours, personalities, and even reveries. They guide the students to imagine a perfect living and paint dreams made by hearts and hands. Teachers use bright contrast and ambiance for ones envisions. Teachers make others better.

An engineer may manage a good construction of crafts, houses, and establishments but a teacher provides a good foundation of hope, love, and wisdom that lead a child onto planning a justified memoir. They build indestructible ambitions in the minds. Teachers provide shelters filled with abilities, talents, hard works, and inspirations. They care for the success and instruct them to control one’s own minds to put wonderful and bright colors of life into the right perspective.

There is nothing more future-saving profession better than TEACHING.

Only few have big dreams. But it is not about how big or small your dream is. It is about working on it to make it happen and honoring the people who hone and help us in making our dreams a reality. For all the achievements one may have, he owes them to the educators; the knowledge, skills, talents, abilities, inspirations, love they help see how colorful this world can be- world full of open doors and opportunities. World they call—home.