By: Leticia E. Eugenio

Senior Education Program Specialist

“To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering “-Friedrich Nietzsche

The universe was created parallel to human beings. Sadly, the society had drawn it imbalanced. Oftentimes we surge for the waves of changes; sometimes we fall. Consequently, we become stronger, we become wiser. Oftentimes, our failure leads our way to know more, to unlearn what is wrong and embrace what is right; we consider it EDUCATION.

People often think that “EDUCATION is the key to success”, but for me, we, ourselves are the keys. Teachers can be pathways of success. We teachers can be key to success. We have the weapon to change the world. We have the power to give meaning to everything. We can be pathways of the success.

Let us educate the youth to learn by heart. To value what is learned. To give meaning to things and appreciate life more. Let us teach them to be productive. To work hard and be passionate while working. In doing so we can be a pathway to success.

Life maybe be unfair when not appreciated. Life can be boring when neglected. Life can be sad when not loved. Let us educate our youth to find the real essence of education; that education can open their minds to the beauty of the world; that education can heal social injustices; that education can showcase our hidden talent and skills. By then, we can be pathways of success.

“To live is to learn, to be a pathway of learning is giving life”-LEE