By: Aisee Paguio Cruz, MAEd, BNHS T-III

As soon as our sineguelas tree starts to bear fruits, it conjures that summer time is very near. During those time, teachers are expected to be on vacation, yet they can still be seen in school for various reasons: remedial or summer classes, brigada eskwela, or submission of portfolio and other requirements. Still, if not in school, you cannot find them in their homes for they are busy attending seminars and trainings or LAC sessions somewhere else.

Yes, it is vacation time, but here we are. Similar to sineguelas, instead of taking a break, it is during summer days that we work double time. We prepare not only the classrooms but the entire school during brigada eskwela for the welfare of our students. Also, we revisit our practices in particular our lesson plans to make some modifications for improvement.

Moreover, sineguelas is similar to teachers because of its structure when it bears fruits. Unlike the usual and typical fruit-bearing trees, sineguelas is eye catching for its perfect leafless branches. Hence, if one is not that familiar with this tree, it might be perceived as a dead plant already. In relation to us, all eyes are also on us until we have proven ourselves. Sometimes, it seems like we were not working or doing anything. We looked like a dead plant with no enthusiasm at all but if one would take time to look closely, they will be surprised to discover and see our branches very heavily loaded with oval, green, inch-long fruits.

In addition, as soon as all the fruits were harvested, its leaves start to show up. Just like us, we are just waiting to be found. And when that wait has come to an end, we start to grow our leaves which serve as shades to those who need rest.

Sineguelas tree only prospers in a particular season, same with us. We are not a star for all seasons, yet, it makes the wait more sensible and momentous as soon as we have proven that after that long period of time of being ignored and unnoticed, we got the reason to celebrate.

Truly, we are sineguelas. From the many fruit-bearing trees around, it was really hard to be noticed. Although we all have the potentials, most of the time, majority do not pay attention that much until we have shown them what we got. Therefore, we have to give it all and work harder than yesterday. It is not yet late. Summer is just about to start: a great time to gear ourselves for the next season.