Strategic Goals

A. Expanding Access to Basic Education

  1. Complete the primary schools like Bani Primary School, M.Delos Reyos (Annex)
  2. Complete the secondary level at Balanga Integrated School from second year to a tech-voc school.
  3. Organize multi-grade/combination classes in far-flung barangays.
  4. Organize SPED classes for fast learners and mentally and physically challenged.
  5. Pursue effectively the Alternative Learning System (ALS) program for OSY and adults.
  6. Raise the participation, completion and cohort survival rates.

B. The Quality and Relevance of Basic Education for Academic Excellence

  1. Upgrade the teachers proficiency in teaching the content areas of English, Science, Mathematics, Filipino and the delivery of MAKABAYAN
  2. Focus on readiness for school at Grade I.
  3. Organize Special Science Curriculum (SSC) classes, Special Program for the Arts (SPA)
  4. Put emphasis on closer supervisions: time on task; more pupil/student – contact time
  5. Use multi-level strategies, materials, SIM, good for reinforcement, enrichment and remedial instruction to address individual differences/learners abilities.
  6. Enhance the preparation and administration of varied evaluation materials and appropriate utilization of results.
  7. Raise the achievement of school age population.

C. Improving the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Education Services

  1. Orient and update the School Governing Councils (SGCs) relative to the implementation of School-Based Management
  2. Prepare School Improvement Plan (SIP), Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) per school and Class Improvement Plan (CIP) per teacher.
  3. Provide/repair basic educational facilities, materials and equipment through wise utilization of SBRM/Principal-Led/Local and school funds.
  4. Improve health services for teachers, pupils/students; Feeding Program for malnourished children.
  5. Maintain a wholesome learning environment through partnerships, Adopt-a-School Program
  6. Support the (Madrasah) Arabic Language & Islamic Values Education (ALIVE) Program
  7. Mentor the low performing teachers.
  8. Strengthen the Experiential Learning of Student Teachers.

D. Institutionalization of Early Childhood Care and Development

  1. Strengthen the Early Childhood Education (ECE) \
  2. Request for items of Pre-school teachers at least one (1) per complete elementary school.
  3. Supervise pre-school classes.
  4. Implement the School Readiness Assessment Program for grade one entrants.

E. Strengthening Local Culture and Arts, Media and Sports

  1. Put up a school paper/organ in every school.
  2. Organize cultural, musical, arts, literary and sports fests.
  3. Participate in local historical celebrations.
  4. Strengthen leadership and social skills of the youth through Scouting, Student Government, Youth Fora, YECS and other school-initiated/coordinated activities/projects.

F. Social Advocacy

  1. Organize PTAs/Federated PTAs, SGCs
  2. Improve networking/linkages with GO’s, NGO’s and the community including volunteers (foreigners)
  3. Support the TCP, CFSS, HERO and other related programs/ projects.
  4. Support teachers’ coops.