Message of the SDS

Welcome to the Online Publication of City Schools Division of Balanga. It publishes the vision and mission of the department and the activities, events and plans of the division on how they can be able to carry out the responsibilities delineated in the mission statements of the Department of Education.

It will serve as our compass for hitting our annual targets. Anyone can check on our schedules, announcements and updates.

All DepEd employees and staff are encouraged to use this digital publication to share their opinions, knowledge and stance on a particular issue or topic. Research and Innovations done by the teachers, School Heads and Supervisors are published so that anyone can browse it as a reference to improve instruction.

Let’s work together in achieving our goals and in developing life-long learners who are God-loving, responsible, persistent and smart through active interacting using our website.

May our website serve your purpose in visiting it. Thank you and God bless us.

Dr. Carolina S. Violeta

Officer-in-ChargeOffice of the Schools Division Superintendent