Schools Division Superintedent

M E S S A G E 
        The number of Filipino families who see the need to use the internet as their primary source of information, to help them decide about their small and big plans, is getting bigger.

      We have contributed to address that need by enhancing our divisional website and included information for families with busy schedules and demanding lives. It can be a medium that provides current and practical information about policies, events and schedules.

        We are also sharing our Vision and Mission that guides learning in the City of Balanga Schools Division so you would realize how we value every child. learner and the whole educational system. As effectively as we can, we want the website to be the medium where every aspect of the information conveys said Vision and Mission.

           It is our sincere hope that your exploration of our website would be beneficial to you who desires to be informed. Also, may you be challenged by the opportunities it offers.