You are Gold

Post date: Nov 28, 2017 1:35:59 AM

By: Aisee Paguio Cruz, MAEd, BNHS T-III

All people dream to be a star. Nevertheless, not all could get hold of it. As a result, most feel frustrated for the thought that they are not that good. Oftentimes, they may be good, unfortunately they were not given duly appreciation and appraisal.

When people exerted much and then received none, they feel bad. That is expected and natural. In fact, I oftentimes hear students complaining when someone else received higher grades or acknowledgment instead of them when they know they gave and did their best.

In cognizance to this, my role as a teacher is to find the right words to console them and at the same time inspire them to remain as hardworking as they are. Very timely, my dad and I had a conversation with the same topic which goes like this…

Daughter: Why can’t people do the same thing?

Father: Same thing?

Daughter: Yes, the same thing that I’m doing. The same effort I give in every task given to me.

Father: Not all people could give the same effort, but all could have their stars in their own time. Remember that.

Daughter: Sounds unfair, dad. Then, when will I get mine?

Father: When the night gets brighter a miner travels.

Daughter: Huh?

It took me a long time before I understand what my father wanted me to realize. I am so grateful to my students for they just helped me discover the wisdom from that conversation.

I told my students that they should bear in mind that not all who are being appreciated are achievers. True winners and achievers are those who personally experienced the process of gaining something and not just simply holding an award because they are shining.

Genuine winners will shine not only at night. And even if the night arrives, they will not be blocked by dark clouds. Do you know the reason? It is because they are pure clean slates. Therefore, no matter what happens they will not be stained and will remain as bright or even brighter.

Why dream for stars? No one can have it. They are not really bright. So, if ever people around can’t see your worth, if ever people can’t appreciate you at all. You do not have to feel down. For if that happens, that only means one thing: the miner has not arrived yet. Miners are after for real gems and that is you.

One simply has to look up to find a star, but not all could spend time, effort, and willingness to dig the ground just to find a real treasure: gold.

A true achiever does not have to be looked up to in order to feel fulfilled but instead they remain as treasures that value gets higher as time goes by.”

After sharing this to my students, I always hear them say that whether they win or lose, it is how they played the game that matters. There would be no space for regrets for they know they have given their all. They simply have to wait for the arrival of the miner.

As a result, I was able to sustain the drive of my students to exert effort not only for the purpose of being recognized. They learned that they have to be like gold that knows and has its value even before being found. I just hope and pray for the time to come for these treasures on the ground to finally be discovered.