Post date: Oct 27, 2013 9:38:12 AM

by: Ernesto T. Robles Jr.

Education Program Supervisor I

Alternative Learning System

The City of Balanga thru the leadership of Mayor Joet S. Garcia benchmarked a gigantic vision, i. e., to make Balanga City a World Class University Town by the year 2020. This dream had started in 2007 and seven solid years had passed. Is the vision on the verge of reality?

Since the vision was set, Mayor Joet had started setting a place where all the things to be done were put in place. School officials were met to inform them of their roles on how they can contribute in achieving the vision. The Superintendent and his staff, the district supervisors and the school principals and head teachers were met to get their full support and cooperation to improve the quality of education starting with the basics. Programs and projects of the DepEd and the schools were geared towards the realization of the vision.

Mayor Joet prioritized education as the number one concern of the City. Various activities were undertaken like the creation of the University Town Education Council comprising of retired but seasoned educators; holding of education summit where all the teachers and parents were convened to make them aware of the significance of significance of establishing harmonious relationships that will contribute in developing the learning capabilities of students.

Upgrading the level of accreditation was likewise started. In fact, four schools had already approved Level I – APPES accreditation and five more are in the process of evaluation and approval. A number of schools were already envisioned to have been accredited before 2016. These accreditations are considered a giant leap for improving the quality of education in all the elementary and secondary schools, be public or private, in the City of Balanga.

The parents were not neglected in involving into processes of educating themselves through the Edu-Child Program where they can develop their children to become upright and good-abiding citizens.

Physical facilities and amenities in and around the city were also started to put up. The University Town area consisting of more than 80 hectares was identified and various plans were undertaken identifying those that need to be given priority for development.

High school senior students were equipped with knowledge on how they can contribute for the realization of the City’s vision. They were convened in their respective schools where Mayor Joet presented to them the developments which were already started and are being pursued. On the other hand, college students were involved thru the conduct of University Town Summit where significant topics related to the attainment of the goals of the vision were discussed.

There are still numerous programs/projects/activities which are being undertaken. The big question perhaps is this: Will all these things contribute in achieving the vision? For sure they are. But the next question is this: Will a World Class University Town be a reality in the City Of Balanga? Does it remain to be seen? Is your guess as good as mine?