Working together beyond the box

Post date: Aug 3, 2018 3:22:07 AM

Working together beyond the box

Frederick L. de Guzman

TII, City of Balanga National High School

Seminars, trainings and workshops offer everyone an opportunity to learn new things and to have a broader sense and gain more knowledge of specific areas of specialization. But there are times that these are taken for granted. After attending the Writeshop on the Development of Coaching and Officiating Standards last June 19-22, 2018 in Anne Raquel’s Hillside Resort, Inc., Olongapo City, Zambales with partner National Sports Associations (NSA) and where I served as one of the writers, I came to realize the following things and may this be a reminder to every aspiring coaches, teachers and trainers not to take for granted the opportunities to grow and share the knowledge learned.

The culture should never remain placid. It should go with the flow of the changing time. Though there are some intangible things that should remain, but still, some needs to be attuned with the current culture and we should be aware of it lest we don’t want to grow. Like our life, the only constant thing in this world is change. So as in many aspects of educational system.

Everybody needs to raise the bar. In an effort to uplift one’s profession, it is a must that we should attend seminars, trainings and workshops and apply it and not only be used for promotion purposes. Uplifting ourselves would mean enriching the leaners minds as well. The quality of system depends on how we maximize the resources that we have.

Our expertise is only good if it is shared. The very purpose of acquiring those knowledge is to extend it to others. In this sense, we can only prove that we are worthy of acquiring it. We become successful not because we acquire a lot of material things but by sharing ourselves to others.

Our clients are the future of this generation. We can’t change the future but we can do something about it for everybody’s benefit. Change is a personal decision. But their personal decision to change depends on how we influence them. So it is paramount that we enrich them to serve their purpose in the society.

It is high time that we connect to others to learn new and know more. We live in an ever changing world. Technology has enslaved our learners so must we, but in a way that will help us ease with the burden of teaching and find a “connection” to our learners to discover how we can easily bridge the gap to understand their culture.

It is normal that some would be shocked in the new culture that they will encounter, but eventually, they will get used to it. It’s a human nature to react in any new experience. But what’s important is our ability to easily adapt to any situation. We must learn to accept the challenge and take the risk to fully understand how we go with the flow of the changing culture.

Lastly, our effort will pay off if and only if we work as one. Our concerted effort would not go to waste if we keep the fire burning of bringing the best in us especially for our future generation.