Post date: Apr 7, 2014 2:11:09 AM

(by: Victor G. Simpao)

In a day when men of the world are becoming increasingly allergic to work, educated person must make the most of every passing moment. It is a sin to waste time.

Voices from every age testify to the importance of diligent labor. A writer once wrote “Never be idle or vacant; be always reading or writing or playing or meditating or employed in some useful labor for the common good”.

When asked the secret of his success as a business man, he said, “Work-hard work-and again work”. (Robert Kiyosaki).

We should never forget that when the Lord Jesus came into the world, He served as a carpenter. The greatest part of His life was spent in the shop of Nazareth.

Work is a blessing. Through it we find fulfillment of our need for creativity. The mind and body function best when we work diligently. When we are usefully occupied we enjoy greater protection from sin. Idle minds and hands are the workshop of the devil.

Honest, diligent faithful work is a vital part of all government employees. And the results of our labor may outlive us.