Post date: Aug 1, 2018 8:59:47 AM


Teacher III

Bataan National High School


Nothing to do with the luxury of time is common to most people when lulls occur in their lives. Some would take a seat to watch TV or lie down to hear the sound of their favorite music. There are those who would reach out to friends through text messages. Others would be playing on line games or spend the rest of the day with their Facebook shares and likes. For the cost-conscious, sleep fills their moment.

All of the above mentioned are not bad at all when the intent is to while away with time. But when boredom really gets the better of a person, the use of time can also have its detrimental effects. The monotony in everything we do will not favor us in the long term since we are doing things for a good purpose.

Instead of trying to get a escape hatch from being bored, a planned activity can instill in us interest in the things we do. Better things, much better activities that can keep us on the grind and discover that life after all is not monotonous as we get active and sporty.

Age does not matter to engage in sports. So, there is no excuse about not getting into it. Getting into it need not cost one much, having the right mindset and attitude are investments enough to start it with.

Sport has a whole lot to offer for all the age brackets. To those who want to take on mental challenges, there is the chess game, checkers, games of generals and the rest of the interesting board games that can fill relaxation time. For those who wants to perk up and get the adrenaline going, one only needs to get into the court to play basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton with the indoor option of smashing on the ping pong table.

Now that summer is right in the corner, swimming can be refreshingly fun. For the adventurous, nothing will tie one down with road biking, hiking, marathon run, walkathon, or plainly jogging and walking on your own.

Doing nothing can actually tire us down, when we are idle, the heart beats slower and the circulation of the blood in our body … with the supply of oxygen to our brain will be under par. Worst than that, stress can put on us unwanted pressures that will slow us down.

Try getting into sports and discover more about oneself. It is not a sort of a miracle but it heals.