Post date: Oct 8, 2012 2:09:44 AM

by: Belinda M. Dizon

A TEACHER AS PROFESSION categorically means that his concerned was only on his job or work description. Merely his focus was on imparting academic skills to the learners and nothing else. In fact, it’s hard to accept that they’re bound for the salaries to be received and were trapped on their mundane settings of mind that teaching hours should turn immediately to finish everyday routine. They are what we called as impediments in education that hinders the progress of the learning system. They’re the kind that does nothing.

On the other hand, not all teachers are like them. There are TEACHERS THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE. They are the ones who mould their learners mind not just with mastery of the lesson but the holistic individualism. They’re the kind that gave their heart to their pupils, often asked why before they judge the previous action or mistakes of their students. They extend time to accomplish without recognition or acknowledgement to make their pupils cope with the lesson. These teachers were not contented to stay in the four corners of their classroom but reached out to the parents and the community where they worked. They may not be recognized or be given with any reward but the great impact that they leave to these children will remained in their mind and heart that will lead them with great inspiration to achieve success in the future. Thus all of the good deeds that they have taught will reap the praises on every word of the children and the parents that they served.

It’s not too late to make amends and to correct our ways of teaching. Think and reflect…Which do you choose?