When Talking About Quality Education

Post date: Oct 13, 2014 7:45:05 AM

By: Eric Alarcon

MAPEH teacher- BNHS

There are many definitions brought by changes and researches that defined what quality education is:

“Quality Education is a human right and a public good.”

“Quality Education is freely available to all citizens.”

“Quality Education provides societal roles for the good community.”

But in a different perspective…. What is its real meaning?

I can compare it to a building with a strong foundation that even if it is bothered by calamities it can still stand and be used for others. Quality education does not only focus on academic side of teaching and transfer of knowledge but it is also how the students learn from a teacher but also how he teaches values to students that can make them equipped with dealing to other people. It is our core foundation to a brighter future because an educated person with appropriate values and discipline shows the real realm of education. It’s not only about teaching theories and principles but the real reality of education is how they can apply what they learned from school.

In its broadest meaning, it is how an individual gains knowledge or insight, develops attitudes and skills acquired through organized study or instruction that must be applied to reality. Quality education alleviates ourselves in dealing with other countries not only designing the educational program with a good curriculum but also assuming that we have quality teachers with a heart and passion for work. Real education and its quality show how progressive we are in the field of learning and teaching and this is not possible to be achieved if we have a good system in choosing a win-win solution, wherein no student will graduate with inadequate competencies. Let us make this achievable!