What’s in a Name?

Post date: Dec 3, 2014 2:12:07 AM

By Mary Ann Gomez – Balajo

Since time immemorial, myriads of personalities protect and shield their names like precious gems. Why did Napoleon Bonaparte conquer Western Europe and Egypt for France and let almost three million lives to be lost? It was for his glory and for the glory of his entire kinfolk. Why did the Marcoses force themselves to power despite of the dwindling support of the Filipino people? It was for fame and supremacy. Why do traditional politicians cling on to their forebear for stronghold on their vie for domination in the political arena? It was for winning and distinction.

In our present condition, we have seen people succeeded and failed for their names’ sake. If they are lucky enough to maintain the ‘fragrancy’ of their names, dominion would be on their side; yet, when they lose their appeal, they are as good as a rotten fish fed on vultures. It is a natural inclination for human beings to aspire for honour and gratification since it is one of the hierarchies of a man’s creation – to find his configuration in the planet where he belongs. Artists and the like display grand artwork and magnum opuses at the galleries of eminence for the sheer nostalgia for special identification that fellow hopeful could regard upon them and even think of them as their superior. Indications of mankind’s never-ending thirst for apperception are evidently displayed, examined and even taken as paradigms for others to emulate. Whatsoever sources of this eminence would be, it has to be based on untainted foundation for whatever thing that is founded on superficial and besmirched root is truly as light as chaff that is here now and later gone for good.

Whatever profession or passion we are indulged into, let us always make it a point to make our names as bright and shimmering as the rising sun of the east and the fresh wind that penetrates a fatigued body. As the Bible declares in Proverbs 22:1, “A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, loving favor rather than silver and gold.” It is tantamount to saying that a good name is to be searched and aimed for rather than lying on great but cursed wealth. A person may have all the material possessions yet it is hard to build on a good name; therefore, it ought to be our grandest wonder to institute a sweet-sounding and fragrant name of ours for our posterity’s delight and legacy.

As mentors of the young minds, teachers take noteworthy characters in stirring the brains of learners to become either assets or liabilities of the society someday. Let us aim to go for the former since the virtuous manner we impart to them will undoubtedly be carried on to their veins as they traverse life. Let us be carriers of a well-lighted torch and a generation of saints. By doing so, God who is the Maker of all unbounded passions will be pleased and will place an exceptional favor upon us. Who would refuse to be treated us such? None for sure.

What’s in a good name? Everything that is pleasing, righteous, and spiritual.