What is it like being a teacher?

Post date: Mar 24, 2014 7:22:44 AM

By: Haydee C. Chavez

“Without teachers, life would have no class” Anonymous

Nowadays, being a teacher may not rank high in the minds of most college students especially to those seeking big salaries. A lot of them find teaching is a hard job.

Drawing from my experience, I can say that being a teacher is the most enjoyable and most exciting job I can imagine. It is the most challenging and rewarding job.

It means like, being a teacher:

…. is like being a doctor. Examine his students, take their histories and evaluate their physical and mental condition.

…. is like being an engineer. Inspect and analyze student’s problems and find solutions.

…. is like being a psychologist. Assess students and treat their mental, emotional and behavioral disorders

…. is like being an architect. Create design on students’ minds and check their work on progress.

…. is like being a driver. Drive his students and lead them in a right way.

….. is like being a priest. Guide his students to live with GOD.

And most of all, teacher is like being a MOTHER, supports her students, crying with their troubles and celebrating their victories.

Being a teacher carries a big responsibility but I admire all of them not for cramming 365 days, leaving their own exhaustion, troubles and worries at home. They keep on improving and updating themselves for the benefits of their students. It may sound a hard job to some but for me, it is worth sacrificing. Their effort and dedication are truly above and beyond. Thumbs up to all teachers for always making a difference in the lives of our children.