Post date: Mar 24, 2014 12:43:41 AM

By: Maria Patricia B. Dizon

Every husband and fathers, majority of the wives and mothers, fresh graduates and even the self supporting students like to work. It is everybody’s dream to find a job that will suit one’s skills and have a working environment that will help us to develop everyone’s hidden or identified talents. It is to be noted that the salary also plays a big role in finding a job. Everybody needs income to support oneself and family’s basic needs like food, housing, education, health, etc. However, once the salary of an employee did not meet the living expenses, he may get bored, ineffective and confused and may start to look for another job. But for others, the salary does not matter as long as they enjoy doing the tasks assigned to them. They stay and fulfill their duties wholeheartedly. That includes me, I love my job and feel contented once I finished every work assigned to me. Whenever I call the schools to inform that their salaries and benefits are credited in their ATM accounts or when I see a smile in the face of a teacher when they received their earnings in front of me, it makes me feel happy and satisfied. It is really great to have a wonderful job. Doing the work that I treasure is a pleasure. It is just an additional bonus if my salary will increase and also a bliss when my colleagues and immediate superior acknowledges my potential and hard work.