Post date: Apr 5, 2017 6:35:47 AM

By: Maria Joby F. Zulueta

“Lead by example. Practice what you preach or do not preach at all. Walk the talk. People watch what you do more than they listen to what you say. Inspire, challenge and encourage people to their best, by doing YOUR best!” – Unknown (likesuccess.com)

“Walk the talk” is an idiomatic expression which means to do the things you advise others to do. Simple words, but holds too much weight, and too much responsibility. Words that we say are only artifacts called promises, and will become operative upon executing those words to reality.

As an educator, health advocate or even simply being part of the Department of Education, we should be the role models for the learners, clients, patients, stakeholders... for everyone. The expectations from us is constantly beyond our limits and almost, always bound by traditions. From how the teachers facilitate the learning, to the manner by which they behave, up to the way they dress... teachers are bound by their code of ethics. For teachers are not only shaping the minds of students academically, but are also instilling values in them along the way. And deviating from these standards could affect the outlook of their students. Telling them it is bad to cuss, to lie, gamble and steal, but they can hear you uttering profanities like your life depends on it, lying to your colleagues, see you at gambling stations, and stealing government properties, supplies or working hours, can set a very disturbing and confusing behavior for the learners. They might adapt into it, thinking that it is “normal” to act as such because their teachers are also into it. Same with health workers that promotes proper hygiene, healthy lifestyle and over-all wellness. With anti-smoking, anti-illegal drugs, anti-alcoholic beverages campaigns, health services like immunizations and deworming, etc. How can health workers advocate such things if they themselves are not an avid fan, not a supporter of the services they render. How will they convey what’s bad for your health if health workers are the ones to indulge with vices, and worst, also the ones questioning the health services.

I believe that once you took oath of service, signed the contract, and what-not... you are bound to follow the mandate of your organization and be one with it and every single thing in it. Yes, you may see discrepancies, experience difficulties but it is within your professional self to find ways on how best to deal with adversaries. Come up with best solutions, innovate, face the challenge, but never the nonchalant attitude. At the end of the day, we must always be reminded of our position’s purpose in this institution. Purpose not for our own self, but for the children of generations to come.