Viruses: Try to remove it

Post date: Jun 20, 2017 5:54:59 AM

by: Gideon N. Castillo

Comparing to human body, computers can also be attacked or infected by viruses. There are ways on how we can find out if we are already infected and what kind of virus attacked us. Just like taking medicine that can fight and kill viruses we use anti-virus for our computers. Comparing to the human body it depends on what kind of virus the medicine and dosage you need to take. Same in computers, anti-virus you will install depends on what kind of virus you need to eliminate. There is other way to remove virus.

One of the possible ways to remove computer virus is to trace which software is the source of this virus. This process is a trial and error procedure. We will use the system configuration by doing this procedure. Here’s the instruction on how to do it:

To start with: Click the windows logo button on your keyboard; that is the button look like a window with four squares. Next, type in “msconfig ” then you will see the system configuration and click in the system configuration to launch the program. Proceed to the services tab and click in the “hide all Microsoft services” after the Microsoft programs are hidden you’ll need to do the trial and error procedure, you will select the five programs and disable it. Once it is disabled you will try to launch the program that is affected by the virus. If the program open smoothly or the signs/symptoms of the virus is lost then one of the five program that you disable contain the virus or is the virus itself. If this is the case then enable all of those five then disable it one by one and do the trial and error. Else, proceed with the set of five programs.