Post date: Dec 16, 2014 7:41:19 AM

By: Victor G. Simpao

Reading is vital for both academic and professional success and it provides lifelong enrichment.

Reading teaches us, how to do new things. It reminds us how to handle life situations. It helps to achieve goals. It teaches how to forever remain curious about the world.

Our best friends are not only human being but books. To read books is like swimming in a sea of wisdom, endlessly fascinating. There are so many wise people all over the world that you can meet through reading. Places can be visited for free through reading too.

Reading widens your vocabulary. You can travel in the world by reading books. Learning comes from reading. The learning skills that are developed in an individual are listening, speaking, reading and writing. Further reading will develop a person’s language skills and be able to communicate in oral and written forms, Reading makes people wise, intelligent, practical and knowledgeable in all things