Post date: Oct 21, 2010 3:57:20 AM

Written by Ms. Cristina M. Pajares, T-II Cataning ES

Monday, 18 October 2010

Do you think freedom is just for human beings? How about animals, do they need freedom?

Do you still remember the birds that visited our city? Why do think they’ve visited us?

Maybe they felt and knew that people from here do respect them. And so with the Dolphins, right?

Remember the 300 dolphins that offshore at Pilar, Bataan, Philippines? Is it fate that leads them here or just getting away from the place they knew they’ll be hunted?

Last August 25 at Patio Isidora, Louis Resort and Restaurant when I was attended an opening of Balanga City Dolphin Wall Painting Event, I realized how important mammals was! Specially when the speaker shared his experiences with us that ends with a film showing about these mammals…. the whales….the dolphins. Some have teary eyed then, especially when we saw what the Japanese did to these endangered species. There, we did understand the advocacy of A.G. Sarno and his members. Imagine how they’ve devoted themselves and what a sacrifice for them not to see their family for a long time just for protecting these thing. I think this is the time that people walk hand and hand together to reach that advocacy and be given an utmost attention/emphasis. That is protecting the Dolphins and Whales of the World which we people sometimes neglected.

It’s really a big question why among seas of the world, why is it, that here in the Philippines they’ve chosen to roam. It’s really a great opportunity that once Bataan, Phils. was known by this phenomenal incident. And as Bataeño we should be very proud because we’re one who can give Dolphins their freedom w/c they haven’t gotten in Taeji, Japan.

I personally agreed w/ A.G. Sarno’s advocacy: that is to protect the Mammals and Cetaceans of the World. I know Dolphins love freedom too. That’s why the following day, Aug.26 we showed our commitment by painting some dolphins and whales in some walls of Balanga City headed by the team of A.G Sarno to show our oneness in the activity that was launched. There u can see some happy faces of students, teachers and even some of our govt. officials while painting this thing, so let’s hold our hands together to support the Advocacy of some concerned citizens like A.G Sarno, A.A. Yaptinchay and the rest of their members for this very untiring kind of work and sacrifices.

For that, we salute you guys for your unending concerned to one of our endangered species.

We really had a great fun painting day!

Thank You and more Power! Mabuhay po kayo!!!!!