World Teachers Day

Post date: Oct 19, 2010 8:18:20 AM

City Schools of Balanga Celebrated

World Teachers Day

The Dept. of Educ. in Balanga City gathered at the La Vista Resort, Balanga City last Oct. 5, 2010 in celebration of World Teachers Day. An affair participated by the public and private school teachers, principals, supervisors and city division office personnel with lots of excitement, enjoyment and inspiration.

The first part of the activity is a holy mass led by the Balanga City Bishop, Ruperto C. Santos and Father Edilbert “ Lydes “ Pomer, Immaculate Concepcion Parish Priest of Brgy.Pto.Rivas. It was attended by Mr. Jessie D. Ferrer, Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Leonardo Zapanta, Asst. to the Office of the Supt., Dr. Hilario D. Garcia, City Consultant, Education Supervisors, District Supervisors, Principals and teachers.

Immediately followed by an inspirational message from Mr. Jessie D. Ferrer, Schools Division Superintendent, who was very thankful for the full support of the Dep.Ed Family that attended in the said activity. He mentioned ‘bout the quality education that we educators could impart to our learners. He mentioned also ‘bout the “teachnology” and innovative ways wherein teachers can likewise use for their professional growth as well as tools in educating young minds.

There were also games participated by teachers which followed by raffle draws in terms of cash prizes and appliances wherein K. Servico was the sponsor for the grand winner.

The highlights of the celebration are the awarding of the outstanding supervisors, principals and teachers. These were awarded to Mrs. Felecisima Oria, Education Supervisor in English, for the outstanding supervisor, Mrs. Amelia T. Inieto, of Cataning Elem. for an outstanding principal, Mrs. Elena Banzon (T-III ) of Cabog-Cabog Elem. School and Mrs. Karla Rivera ( T-II ) of Tortugas Elem. were the awardees of District I for an outstanding teachers. Mrs. Sonia A. Labrador (M.T-I) and Hilda Bugay (T-III), were the outstanding teachers of District II both from Cupang Elementary School,

The Provincial Governor, Enrique “ Tet “ Garcia also came together with the City Hall Members, gave a short message and adorn/decorate the said celebration with cash incentives for teachers. He also tackled the words from our late national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, that “the Youth is the Hope of our Country.” He wanted to instill in teachers’ mind the “ malasakit “ that we’ll be given to those students of today, their success could be ours too in the future.

Also teachers were given usb’s through MOOE for their needs/tools in making their lesson plans, reports and other important matters regarding their work. So happy working teachers! Hope with this, we can inspire more in doing our task well.

Mabuhay po tayong Lahat!!!