Post date: Dec 16, 2014 7:43:40 AM

By: Victor G. Simpao

Becoming rich and famous does not guarantee contentment. If it does, multi millionaire athletes would not jeopardize their careers by using illegal drugs. If it does, a wealthy lawyer would not tearfully tell his friend that he would gladly trade everything he had for a change in the behavior of his sons. If it does, the occurrence of multiple marriages among celebrities would not be usual, Obviously, contentment must come from a source other than wealth and fame.

Because sinful people rule the world we shouldn’t be surprised when the poor are oppressed and when Justice and righteousness are denied. The life of hose who love money is not as rosy as it seems. They are never satisfied with what they have, and they face the emptiness of watching other people consume their riches.

The humble laborer with little can sleep soundly, while the rich man lies awake at night worrying about money. Only when we trust in the Lord will we find true and lasting satisfaction.

The love of money is the root of all evils. You can buy or do anything with money but are you contented and satisfied? Discontentment makes rich men poor, Contentment makes poor men rich.