Post date: Oct 30, 2013 8:52:07 AM

by: Ernesto T. Robles Jr.

Education Program Supervisor I

Alternative Learning System

One of the perennial problems that our public elementary and secondary schools have encountered is the dropping out of students before completing the curriculum in each grade level. Students therefore would not be able to continue their studies in the high school if they dropped out in the elementary. And those who stopped studying in the high school could not enroll in the college.

Considering the significance of providing a system of education for these drop-out students, the Department of Education devised a scheme or program that will give opportunity to all out-of-school youths to continue their studies irrespective of their ages. The Alternative Learning System or ALS is tasked to undertake a program that can contribute for solving the problem of the out-of-school youths to finish their schooling. Hence, the Accreditation and Equivalency Test (A & E Test) was devised and administered to drop-out or overage students in their respective levels.

The DepEd, Division of City of Balanga initiated a program that will help the students who will take the A & E Test. Classes for upgrading knowledge and competencies were organized. The mobile teachers are assigned to prepare a plan and schedule of classes for these students. There were sixteen classes organized clustering the 25 barangays to ensure that all students can be accommodated. Classes started in January of every year and ended in the month of October.

In addition to these classes, the Schools Division Superintendent in the person of Dr. Ronaldo A. Pozon instructed the ALS Education Program Supervisor to conduct review classes focused on the areas to be covered in the test. Four Saturday meetings were scheduled before the date of the examination. The mobile teachers as well as the District Coordinators of ALS were tasked to conduct and closely monitor the review.

It could be mentioned that due to close supervision of the regular and review classes conducted by the ALS teachers and supervisor, the results of the test for Balanga City Division are very satisfying. For the last four years, Balanga City obtained the highest percentage of passing that made it number one. These accomplishments can be attributed to the continued support and wholehearted dedication of the Superintendent, ALS supervisor, ALS Coordinators and Mobile Teachers. The efforts they exerted are properly rewarded.

Now it can be told that the ALS Program in the Division of City of Balanga is truly a success. Due to its significant accomplishment, all efforts will be trebled to ensure that being number one not only in the regional but hopefully in the national level can be maintained and at the same time sustained.

Kudos to those who work hard to attain this highest standing.