Post date: May 10, 2013 1:25:58 AM

By: Dr. Merlinda T. Tablan

Public Schools District Supervisor, District I

Oftentimes, bayanihana word in Filipino which means helping one another is used relative to successful undertakings. But is it just plain helping one another that brings success?

The work force in particular is like a machine which performs a function. A machine operates because of the many parts that comprise it, from the smallest screw to the biggest part there is. It will never function without each part doing its particular use. Each part must complement and supplement each other to ensure good product. Like the human work force, there are members who compose the group. The members share different roles and functions. Each of the members does a particular job in order to attain the target or goal of the group. If there is a member who does not perform his task then there is a problem in the over-all performance.

Every member of the team has his particular job. This job is a part and parcel of the biggest job which is attainment of the goal. Imagine the members of the group working toward an end goal wherein everyone is focused and committed. On the other hand, imagine a group whose members or some of its members do not coordinate and aim toward a particular goal.

Teamwork is a vital element which must exist in every group to ensure the harmonious relationship of its members necessary for success. However, teamwork should be coupled with know-how and desire for improvement.

This is what every institution, organization, like the department, must aspire to ensure successful pursuits.