The Special Science Elementary School Project in the Division of City of Balanga

Post date: Jan 13, 2014 7:58:07 AM

by: Flordeliza A. del Rosario

The Department of Education (DepED) through the Bureau of Elementary Education (BEE) launched and implemented the Special Science Elementary School (SSES) Project in 2007 to fifty-seven (57) public schools. This project has expanded to forty-three (43) more schools in 2009. For School Year (SY) 2011-2012, the Project has been expanded to one hundred (100) more public elementary schools.

Cupang Elementary School has been chosen as the pilot school in the Division of City of Balanga. It is now on its third year of implementation.

The Special Science Elementary School (SSES) Project is a research and development project designed to develop Filipino children who are equipped with scientific and technological knowledge, skills and attitudes, creative and have positive values and lifelong learning skills to become productive partners in the development of the community and society.

This Project also provided fund subsidy to support the activities pursuant to its implementation. In Cupang Elementary School, teachers and school head participated in conferences, trainings and seminars to enhance their capability, said training was held in Cebu City in 2012 and Davao City in 2013. The fund was also used in the development of pupils’ activities such as educational visits, where pupils visited a museum, zoo and gardens in Bulacan last year. This year they participated in Pawikan Festival held in Morong Bataan.

Funds was also used in the procurement of reference books, textbooks, video materials and software in Science, Mathematics and English. Equipment and apparatuses were also purchased using the fund.