The Sense of Being a Successful Teacher

Post date: Oct 8, 2012 4:11:13 AM

By: Mrs. Wilma C. Rubiano, T-III, Tuyo Elementary School

Today’s celebration on World Teachers’ Day makes me think and reflect what’s in my heart as a teacher. It is indeed grateful to think that of all the professions only the teachers has its day to celebrate

Being a teacher is not easy in the real sense of it. It takes a lot of patient and sacrifices in order to perform the responsibility of a teacher but giving me a chance to live again, I’ll choose to be a teacher again. If you ask me why, well, simply because I love teaching. They said that no one become rich in teaching but for me it’s not a matter of material things , it’s the satisfaction that I feel knowing that every time I do my job as a teacher, I create well-equipped , knowledgeable and skillful individuals because of the knowledge and learning I have imparted with them. As I work with my pupils, I find it so interesting and enjoyable that keeps me on moving and pushing myself to make a way ahead and aim for the best for my pupils and these really make sense to me.

I can feel the great excitement in teaching simply because teacher took a big part to the individuality of a child. They say that “Teachers are the molder of the youth”, we mold them not only intellectually but also emotionally and this inspired me to become more effective and efficient teacher

In my apprehension the sense of being a successful teacher should not rely on what you accomplished it is how you accomplished it. Honestly, I found satisfaction to my work as a teacher.