The Reality of Mathematics

Post date: May 31, 2016 2:20:25 AM

Raffy P. dela Cruz

Math Teacher


Math has a complex nature regarding numbers, computations and equations. This is probably why many people seem to dislike Mathematics; it is simply about solving problems. But whether people like it or not in the end everyone needs math in the real-world context. Aside from being a subject in school, Math has many applications that has been proven useful in many aspects of life. Here are some points that show the importance and application of math in life:

Budgeting is an essential skill in a family for survival. You have to know how to budget your money and take account of what you spend to make the most out of your income. It helps ensure that you will always have money for the things you and your family needs. Budgeting also keeps you out of debt or help you when you are in debt. After all, money doesn’t grow on trees.

For a brighter financial future, saving money by depositing in accounts that pay interest is a practical must. The amount of interest you earn will depend on which account you choose and the amount of money you keep in the account over time. Interest rates are essential for this and through mathematics you are able to know which bank offers the best savings plan.

At first glance, it may be difficult to understand the correlation between math and decor in the home. But if you dig a little deeper, you'll learn the secret of using mathematics to beautify your space. To begin, look at the math applied to Greek architecture or the works of Leonardo Da Vinci. Consider the complicated simplicity of the golden mean as eloquently displayed at the heart of a sunflower, or the Fibonacci sequence as wrapped into the spiral of a nautilus seashell. What you will discover are numbers, ratios and equations as enduring as the universe itself, which, when used correctly, add appeal to your decorated space.

Math is significant for various people: For teachers, math is essential to calculate the grades of a student or the passing marks of a class. Medical doctors need math to administer the right amount of medicine their patient needs. Military personnel carry out a variety of tasks ranging from aircraft maintenance to following detailed procedures. Tacticians utilize a branch of mathematics called linear programming. Shoppers use math to calculate change, tax, and sales prices. Cooks use math to modify the amount a recipe will make. Vacationers use math to find time of arrivals and departures to plan their trips. Even homeowners use math to determine the cost of materials when doing projects. All sorts of people with different careers need math in their lives.

Math needs desperate explanation for the people who don’t appreciate it to understand what it is all about. As complex as it can get, math has helped the world progress in different aspects of life. Everybody needs math, it is ideal to study it to survive in this world where corrupt governments are everywhere. It is not only a subject but a tool everyone can use to improve and make life easier.