The Power of TLC

Post date: Aug 11, 2016 6:37:55 AM

By: Dr. Merlinda C. Dominguez

EPS- Mathematics

Education holds much promise for the youth of today. It is deeply embedded in most cultures that an educated populace is essential to national progress. Be it in Western countries or in Southeast Asia, there is a common belief that education is an important requirement for quality life. Being educated does not only mean having better opportunities in life. It also means being able to live life to the fullest. John Dewey, a noted educational philosopher in the 1900’s, shared this vision “… that one could and should expect much from life” (Farris, 1996). There is perhaps no society in this world that does not value wisdom and knowledge. The transfer of that wisdom and knowledge from generation is one of the most important and noble of human endeavors. The importance of schools to the vision of not only providing knowledge but also opportunities for self-enrichment cannot be underestimated. Teachers shape the future influencing their students. The teachers prepare the students for life. They make them productive citizens and ready to take their place in the society.

Some experiences shared by our seasoned teachers that contributed a lot to the success of our learners:

The elementary pupils do not know who the best teachers are during their time. What they know and remember is, if their teachers care for them and love them. Unlike the secondary students they know who their teachers with expertise in their field are. But mind you, all learners be it elementary or secondary, they long for their teachers’ love and care. The gentle tap to the students’ shoulders and simply asked them have you eaten your breakfast means a lot to them. They will be inspired to go to school every day to see their advisers. They are inspired to attend classes to their teachers who demonstrated tender loving care. My dear teachers let us duplicate what our seasoned teachers did to our students and see the domino effect.

This is the power of TLC. The teachers can make or unmake the learners. The teachers claimed that they are fulfilled if the students under their care are successful. They finished their studies/skillful in any field that made them independent, productive and responsible citizen of our society. The success of our learners is our success. Be one of their teachers that are being admired and loved throughout their lives.

What about us? Did we contribute to the success of our students? If yes, let us congratulate ourselves. Kudos to all of us!