The Potter’s Hands

Post date: Jul 5, 2017 7:30:40 AM

By: Racy V. Troy

The society is now full of freedom of expression, you can post to a social networking site your personal affair or issues regarding the unfathomable experiences you have. As you can see, every type of the letters you input in your phone, computer and other electronic devices that link on the internet creates a superficial connection to the world. A connection that triggers the mind of the other people to react in positively or negatively. Knowing a person’s likes, personality, all his information is only a click on the internet, where spammers, malware, viruses, and spy create access to your privacy.

I remember about the potter’s hand where he can mold the clay in what design the outcome unfold. You feel the touch as you create the silhouette of the product you wanted most. This is our society before, it is in the hand of a potter as we develop our culture. The culture that we pass on to the other generations, like an antique jar which represents our visions, and our goals.

Today, we are not in the potter’s hand anymore but in a puppet hand where media dictate the opinion of all, the voices of the silent, and the power of the weak. This puppet hand is not us anymore, it is the beliefs of the few aristocrats who hold the societal access for the outcome of their decisions. Soon I believe it will be back to its original hands. The hand of our future generations will be built by the teacher’s hand with their own culture, perception, and which hopefully can create positive outcome.

Teachers, I believe that you are the real voice of the youth where media are used to create a society that builds and helps one another. A society that uplifts everyone with the help of modern technology and recreates the mindset of everyone which respect is the foundation of our culture. The culture of happiness with our true Potter’s hand, the Creator.