The Parts that make up the Whole

Post date: Feb 21, 2018 8:52:14 AM



The provision of quality education is one of the most important legacies the government has to offer to its people. In educating our youth, an adequate and competent workforce must be prepared and fully equipped to face the challenges of global competition.

As such, the K to 12 curriculum being implemented now specifically addresses the needs for the improvement in the quality of education in the Philippines. However, no system and program in education can be called perfect and enough.

The mandate of the Department of Education to make education accessible to all means that all possible measures should be taken to reach the hands of the students even in remote areas. Howbeit, the steps that should be done are not just of the teachers’ responsibility. For a student to actually pass and be promoted on to the next level, it should be a collaboration between the school, parents, and the students themselves. Teachers are just part of the equation, thus, should not take all the blame when students do poorly. After all, how can you help a person who does not want to help himself? We can only try our best to encourage and inspire our students, and the rest is up to them whether or not they will reach our hands.

Real education should result to understanding of the real significance of knowledge and not just merely on moving up.