Post date: Aug 14, 2018 4:53:53 AM


Any company organization must establish good if not excellent management strategies that may benefit the production of better outputs and may lead to stronger company relationships that work together for a common goal.

Acceptable norms of behavior are necessary to promote positivity in the workplace. What we do in the office must be governed by rules of conduct. It feels good if we don’t have any negative emotions against anyone. Certainly, since we deal and work with people it is possible that beliefs clash. Misunderstanding arises when different views surface but if one has good set of values, everything is taken as part of communication process and it won’t be taken as big deal.

Among the values that are deemed essential in the office are respect and obedience, kindness, courtesy, open-mindedness, and cheerfulness.

Respect and obedience oblige us to pay so much value on the person’s worth whom we work with and work for. Each of us comes from unique micro-cultures. Our attitude may not be the same with other. Moreover, our perspective and beliefs are expected to be dissimilar too hence, we have to accept this as facts of life which we have to deal. Thus, respect must rule our life. Obedience is also very important. The company will be unproductive if there’s no obedience. We ought to heed certain rules and instructions to achieve production target.

Kindness must also be cultivated and promoted in the office. Each one of us needs to be accepted and loved. Bestowing a hand constantly to someone who needs help is not a matter of consequences but a Christian act. Being sensitive to the needs of our colleague is essential. It may not always be tangible things. Often it is unlimited understanding for one another’s shortcomings and weaknesses.

Courtesy may not always be “po” and “opo” but a simple gesture of love – sincere smile or hug. People come and go in the office because they have to transact business so, one good thing we can do is to make them comfortable in dealing with us and to give them warm accommodation.

Open-mindedness is opening our mind to better ideas and new ideas. We have to be flexible. God created us to acknowledge that we need others to be more productive. People who may have better ideas must be welcomed in our doors.

Cheerfulness is one good value that every Filipino shows despite numerous trials that he encounters. We have to be cheerful always even if our client is irate. We have to turn the negative atmosphere to positive one. Being cheerful prolongs life.

All these values must be the norms in the workplace. Life may not always good but with God in the midst of tribulations everything will be okay. These values must be with use always so that we can radiate good vibes in our workplace.