Post date: Apr 8, 2018 3:06:16 AM

By: Salve V. Calderon


A new teacher who is a child of a Generation-Xer or of a Baby Boomer belatedly had, is no less than a blessing just like any other child. He or she is more than a blessing now that the power to influence the yet unnamed generations to come by becoming a mentor, a friend, a coach, or whatever the needs to harness his or her potentials.

The Millennial Teacher is by far lucky to be born in an exciting time in the last decade of the twentieth century. The accumulated knowledge of the past decades and centuries are easier accessed by them in their search for almost any answer to school, home and life itself. It is now closer to realize that 'no child should be left behind' in an exponentially growing population.

But as technology progresses in leaps and bounds, the millennials are faced with the challenge to learn, unlearn and re-learn faster and more frequent than their ascendants. The Millennial Teacher has to keep self-updated constantly, to devise new ways in making lessons understood by their wards, to synthesize thoughts into comprehensible concepts for the grade levels.

Although the brave new world is exciting, it is and will be fraught with new challenges in morality and order among humans. Children have always been survivors. What have we done or what are we doing to pass the torch to this new and the next generation of teachers?