Post date: Jan 9, 2018 12:42:36 AM


Katrina C. Balana

When the tummy feels hungry, it is time to eat.

Our body needs food to provide the necessary nutrients to sustain us in the different processes which are part of daily activities. By burning out the calories of the food we take energy is emitted to sustain us with the grinds of every day.

People may vary in eating schedules, more so with their eating habits. Whatever time and whichever way it goes, the order of priority is to satisfy the hunger for sustenance.

In like manner, people may differ in the kind of food they eat. Some may prefer to have a vegetarian meal, meat for others, mixed preparation to some and for the rest, it may simply depend on personal craving or whatever is affordable; last but not the least to whatever is available.

Nutrition and a balanced diet are ideal, but not so with the meager one who fails to have a three meal serving in a day. When a person reaches the threshold of hunger, any of the mouthfuls with water will suffice.

Food like shelter and clothing is a basic need of the living man. Without the necessary its supply, the physical body will deteriorate and even break down. Malnutrition is the result of having too much less which are causes of possible physical, mental and emotional imbalance.

The adage “what one eats is what he is” is at times true though in a broader perspective it is not.

The dilemma of hunger is misconstrued as an urgent need of filling the stomach. Moreover in the busy sphere of life, the concept of taking in food is taken as a matter of having one’s fill in the fastest and shortest time possible. Sometimes, it is like having the spillover of satisfying wants rather than bringing in the needs.

The need to supply the body with the food is vital and essential to life. The mushrooming of fast food chains sends as wrong notion to the majority of consumers who are made to think of it as a convenient way to a good meal. Feed the hunger and that is all it.

Instead, eat with zest, savor every bite with no rush since digestion begins with the taste in the mouth that leads to the real satisfaction of the stomach.

The same is true in life. What we take in from the various aspects of the social process is what shapes and makes us. After all in the wellness of the mind and body, all should go with an educated eating habit. Chow!!!