The Master Teacher for a Research Work

Post date: Oct 19, 2016 3:54:34 AM

By: Marvin S. Santiago

Research work is a complex process which requires a lot of time and a wide –ranging effort or dedication indeed. Suppose to be, this is the key for the better changes in many and different areas which absolutely lead to our nation’s progress. Thus, it is a must to do in the Department of Education.

Anybody in the field must be engaged in this kind of endeavor. Besides, research work is specifically one of the tasks/responsibilities of a master teacher. The question is, are they capable to do such?

A professor once mentioned that a master teacher position was created for such a reason but to not lose competent, dedicated and passionate teachers inside the classroom. It was observed before that many teachers who possess these virtues are becoming administrators for a practical choice of higher standard means of living. But not today. There was already a teacher in the classroom who can earn much better or nearly of that of the principals.

On the other hand, it is not that easy to be a master teacher. The compensation against the bulk of work and responsibility towards his/her learners, colleagues, principal and the school as a whole is really of worth. He is working with instructional leaders to prioritize the teaching of literacy and numeracy within the school’s curriculum and teaching framework, he is improving and enhancing teaching practice and modeling the quality teaching with his colleagues, providing coaching and guidance to teachers and other staff in delivering quality teaching, improving the capacity of school teams to use evidence based assessment to inform teaching and learning and some more. In short, he is supposed to be the most multi-tasking teacher in the school.

Furthermore, his every action requires documentation. The latter requires time and effort as well. Every time multiplies likewise the flesh is weak. Henceforth, these factors hinder his capability to do research.

Yet, it is a mere fact that a master teacher has a great research capability. Particularly because he belongs in the naturalized environment of school and classroom. He has the access for data, material and human resources. He has the reflective ability and direct experience toward the learners and curriculum. He has also an expectation to have deeper critical eye in reading and writing research. If not so, he has even potential to develop or enhance these through acquiring skills and knowledge in research works. Professional readings, seminars, workshops & trainings will do. But still, his personality, passion, willingness and ability contribute a big factor for his research capability.