Post date: Oct 30, 2013 9:02:01 AM

by: Ernesto T. Robles Jr.

Education Program Supervisor I

Alternative Learning System

With the advent of Information Technology, it necessitates that all teachers be given a particular training in integrating the Information and Communication Technology. Gone are the days when teachers used chalk and blackboards in discussing and explaining the lessons. With the presence of computer which has an access to internet, a modern approach of teaching can be affected by teachers.

The DepEd, Division of City of Balanga, is one of the divisions in Region III that responded to this innovative approach of teaching. The EPS I in charge of ALS was designated by the Superintendent to take charge of conducting trainings to teachers in order to prepare them undertaking this particular innovation in teaching.

It was in 2010 that the first batch of teachers was trained in integrating ICT in teaching. Since all the teachers have already their own laptop, the process of teaching them the new trend became simple and easy. The teachers need to complete a forty-eight hour training before they can get their certificates. After the training, the monitoring and supervision continue to ensure that effective ways of integrating ICT can be attained.

At present, a total of two hundred fifty teachers have been trained and those who are not yet trained are scheduled to attend the trainings scheduled for them before the end of the school year 2013-2014.

In the implementation of this innovation, it cannot avoid confronting some problems specifically the acquisition of devices/materials to be used, the techniques/strategies to be implemented and most importantly, the support and cooperation not only of the teachers but also of their school heads to ensure the success of this latest innovation. However, through the initiative and technical know-how of the one in-charge of this program, every aspect of learning is well-attended. Teachers confessed that they are very much satisfied in the way the training is conducted. Although they admitted that there were times that they encountered difficulties, but thru diligent and untiring efforts exerted to overcome the odds, this latest innovation in teaching is truly modern and high tech.

Will this new innovation in teaching increase the performance level of students in terms of acquisition of knowledge in academic phase of work? There is no doubt about it in so much as the present trend in education is given preferential attention.