The Importance of Information Security

Post date: Jun 20, 2017 5:24:23 AM

by: Gideon N. Castillo

Why information security is important? When we talk about information it means facts provided by someone about himself or something. While, security means being free from danger or threat. According to Staffordshire University, Data holds on the IT systems is valuable and critical to school or business. This is the reason why they spend money protecting their database systems. We rely on IT to store and process information so it is essential that we maintain information security.

The importance of Information Security is to preserve confidentiality, integrity and availability. For example in terms of learner’s profile, It is important that only concerned people can see the grades of the learner and this falls in preserving confidentiality. Talking about Integrity we should provide the correct information of the learner’s like; correct grades, correct spelling of name and updated information in the system. Availability means the information must be available anytime especially when it is needed by the users.

These are some of the essentials of Information Security. Once it is violated, sanctions are provided which will be faced by the offender. Aside from the Information Security we have laws that protect us from the cyber attackers. Information Security is one of the initiative that we can do to protect us from the cybercrimes like identity threat, etc.