The Impacts of Using Mother-Tongue in the Teaching-Learning Process in DepEd Balanga City

Post date: Jan 15, 2014 11:30:36 AM

by: Dr. Corazon T. Lopez

Through all the school years DepEd Balanga City has been deeply committed in implementing DepEd Programs and Projects to achieve the undying battle cry for quality education. Currently, it is implementing the Mother-Tongue Based Multilingual Education (DepEd Order No. 16, s. 2012 and DepEd Order No. 28, s. 2012). Adhering to this mandate, Tagalog as the native language is now used as a medium of instruction in all learning areas of Kindergarten and Grades I-III pupils except in English and as a separate subject of Grades I-III learners in all public and private elementary schools throughout the division.

MTB-MLE teachers said that this is truly the best scheme in developing literacy and the best instrument for the learners to learn their

second language which is English.

Moreover, based on the interview the following are the positive impacts of using Mother-tongue in the teaching-learning process:

1. pupils are actively involved in all learning activities;

2. it prevents absenteeism;

3. it reduces school drop-outs and

4. mastery of skills in all learning areas is achieved.

Furthermore, the teachers are inspired and are not exhausted in teaching, so they have reserved energy in preparing the instructional materials and lesson plans for the next day’s lesson. Even though it is just on the second year of implementation, the success of this scheme of K-12 Program is now evidently felt and seen in Balanga City.