Post date: Mar 2, 2015 5:22:21 AM


M.Delos Reyes Memorial Elementary School

Angkabataanangpag-asangbayan.” A popular adage that is known by every Filipino. We are made to believe that it is true that government supports the public education. They insist that they allocate most of the country’s budget to education but my mind tells me otherwise.

The situation in schools in rural areas is fine and adequate as few students are to be catered simultaneously but in the remotest far flung areas, it is not. Insufficient resources and teachers are very evident on those areas as well as classrooms that are less conducive to learning. One reason is that the barrio does not have enough fiscal resources for they are not taken into priority by the government or maybe these lay people are not known to corruption that might have been taken place. Chairs are not enough for everybody. The ratio of the book is one is to two students, composite classroom systems, unlighted classroom, broken boards and teacher volunteers are to be seen in such areas and the government does nothing about it.

Meanwhile, expensive cars, tall buildings and other advancements are seen in urban areas yet, a situational irony goes to public schools. As students of different race, with different backgrounds of different status come simultaneously to school, the catering becomes more difficult. It goes beyond insufficiency. It is taken into account that the best teachers, if not, most of them, are found in urban areas as they are prioritized by the government but too much burden are on their shoulders.

Indeed, many classrooms and resources are made readily available to urban schools but the students who come every day are too much. Abundant materials became scarce as large number of students is bound to use it. Classrooms are found to be lacking as well brought about by inadequate space. As a result, there is a multi-aged classroom or if not, a morning and an afternoon class.

Aside from resources, teacher seminars at some places are lacking as well. Let us admit, not all teachers are equipped with necessary skills needed in teaching .These can be remedied through seminars but unfortunately, not all of them are given the chance to participate. Quality teachers will equate to quality students. Now, unskilled teachers will equate to… ok, you do the math.

Looking at the bright side, it’s nice to see exceptional students going abroad for scholarships supported by the government or some private sectors, or student inventions that can compete internationally. It made one think that the government is doing a good job in maximizing its people’s potentials.

It is not easy to run a nation. A lot of things have to be taken into consideration and education is only one of those. Right now, the government has been doing a good job in stabilizing the current educational situation but we all hope for a better one in the future. One that is exceptional not satisfactory. What is the use of the “brilliant” minds of government appointees? The taxes that we pay everyday? The teachers who are receiving their monthly salary? Or sending our children to school? All of those will go to waste if our educational system is mediocre, aiming for excellence in words but not in actions. Paanonaangmgakabataannasinasabingpag-asangbayan?