The Genuine Purpose

Post date: Oct 23, 2014 6:09:06 AM

By Romalyn Santuyo-Raro


Purpose is the place where your deep gladness meets the world’s needs. –Frederick Buechner

Teaching is not as simple as it is. It obliges the steward of erudition to be well-equipped and to be acceptive of the fact that as technology and globalization speeds up, innovations in teaching must also keep pace with the timeless prerequisites in the teaching-learning processes. Thus, the attainment of the targeted level of proficiency must not be disdained, neither be cogitated as the exclusive paramount of education.

In this profession, it’s more of a vocation in its real sense, I, myself have realized that the genuine purpose of a teacher is not only to shape their minds but also to mould their hands and to touch their hearts.

Now, I have come up to my realization that learning does not only exist within the four corners of the room. Thus, they are given the opportunity to explore, acquire and learn new things and experiences beyond their expected reach.

At first, I thought that being a great teacher means students acquiring good grades. But I was wrong. The real bliss of being a teacher is not merely reliant on numbers, not on the percentage of students who passed the examinations, but instead, it is about the number of aspiring students who have seen the contribution in their lives. Students who make me feel the true meaning of being a torch holder of enlightenment.

There were times that I considered everything as a routine in my life, just like the everyday necessities that I do. But an unexpected event happened that brought this change.

Last Teachers’ Day, my former students wrote letters to me, stating their infinite gratitude. Their heartfelt messages have touched not only my heart, but also my soul. Their words made me shed tears, not of sorrow but of gladness.

I remember the words of my Peace Corps partner, telling me that I am really a good teacher, and a bit crazy, but in a good way. And though others may not appreciate the things I do within the four corners of the room, I know that with my students, I did not only make them learned but I also inspire them in my own little ways.

With this, I have learned that being a great teacher is not only about the recognitions that one is receiving but it is the priceless gifts given by children who have made me see the genuine purpose of being a teacher.