Post date: Mar 17, 2014 2:03:29 AM

by Jimmy B. Enriquez

Graduation Day is one of the momentous episodes in students’ lives. In this particular event, another chapter of their endeavor will eventually unravel. Brand new challenges and obstacles are in fact, fast approaching. Hastily, the hands of time are moving, leaving them the pains of yesterday and the hopes for tomorrow.

At some point in time, those young minds assume that this world might happen to be the “survival of the fittest”, the “endurance of the strongest” or the “fortitude of the toughest”. Then eventually, they will start to ponder upon certain things. Do they deserve to achieve total prosperity in life? What are the key factors in attaining success? Is education enough?

Humans are being governed by lingering desires. Frequently, we seek ways and means just to productively attain our goals. Then, our shrewd feet bring us to one of the most convenient and affordable means of reaching our dreams – PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Our hearts and minds must have been shouting with glee. “Yes! Free education! No expensive tuition fees!

However, most students just can’t simply appreciate the genuine meaning of such privilege. Yes, going to school is a must, but is it really enough? We cannot depend solely on the government the triumph that we want to get. Naturally, we must integrate laborious tasks and reasonable effort just to continue. Aiming only for diplomas is not sufficient.

Education is not merely acquiring knowledge or degree. It is not about being a great milestone toward a financially-stable life. The most satisfying and meaningful achievement that we can have is through considering the valuable virtues in life while enjoying the prerogative of having free schooling. The incorporation of such is good enough. Knowledge without values is void. WISDOM, VALUES and FAITH IN GOD are some of the high merits which we shall consider. We must not be contented in taking easier manner of fulfilling our dreams because we will soon discover that it is futile. To undergo in such abrupt process is like jeopardizing our future. Definitely, it is most excellent to have diplomas tied with ribbon of your ideal virtues, your finest avenues toward success. Nurturing our mind and personality to the completest can extremely contribute to our utmost victory. It can surely uplift our spirit and bring us to the pedestal of feat.

We shall not depart from the real essence of educating ourselves. To educate ourselves is to be upright and humane. As we finally reach our aspirations in life, let us always consider this formula towards triumph: AFFORDABLE EDUCATION + WISDOM + VALUES + FAITH IN GOD = FINEST AVENUES TOWARD SUCCESS.