Post date: Nov 9, 2017 7:11:10 AM


Everyone is different from each other. That is one reason a logo is important to an institution or organization. It serves as the face and totality flaunted to the world, a symbol of one’s uniqueness, edge and distinction.

The Bataan National High School Senior High School Logo. A symbol of liberty, love for greatness, excellence, equality, and dedication to achieve higher levels of education, values and skills needed to equip its students to reach their full potentials and be of great benefit not only for their personal endeavors but in the society that they belong to as well.Every detail is wisely and conspicuously incorporated and approved by our principal, Mrs. Norma B. Rico, our assistant principal, Mrs. Nenita Y. Hocson and our administrative officer, Mr. Arnyl Joy P. Reyes, to showcase the school’s excellent wherewithal and traits.

Its round shape displays the never ending cycle of experiences, learning and acquisition. Like life itself, it is a collection of rich colors and meanings.

Its Bible at the middle represents the values, guidance and teachings of an almighty One inculcated in its lessons that every be instilled with not only knowledge but values as well.

The burning torch signifies the light that education can bring to our students’ paths towards the bright future that is ahead of them.

The rays symbolize the tracks that Bataan National High School Senior High School offers. Studded with stars that symbolizes excellence in everything that we do and no room for mediocrity.

The laurel leaves that denote the honor and fame for the recognition of achievements that are geared towards a certain mission and vision.

It is colored aqua blue, a chosen color by our principal, Mrs. Norma B. Rico, for it implies so many qualities that the school possesses. The color aqua soothes the soul and creates an instant sense of home and belongingness. Highly creative and likely discovered at once that it is gifted with many talents. It shows the eye for design and whether artistic endeavors, home decor, or fashion the innovative style and good taste shines in everything that is touched and reached. People gravitate toward a warm and confident demeanor paving the way for natural leaders and communicators. It presents a pulled-together vibe that attracts attention in all the right ways. It stands for perceptive, intuitive, and sensitive good judge of character and can quickly size-up any situation.

The name Bataan National High School, the navy blue color, the original version of the torch and bible images and City of Balanga, Bataan symbolize the pride that everyone gives to our prestigious but humble native roots, our Junior High School and our prodigious city.

And lastly, the senior high school words stand tall exhibiting how proud we are that we belong in this institution, an institution built by love, respect, perseverance, hard work, quality, cooperation, values and dedication towards the fulfillment of the DepEd mission and vision with the hope and faith that God is with us all the way.

Author and Creator of the BNHS SHS Logo