The Exact Passion

Post date: Jun 29, 2017 8:00:46 AM

by: Leah B. Paguio

If there is one school subject that never delves on lies, it is mathematics.

True in itself, mathematics is an exact science. Among all school subject matters it is the most precise and accurate that settles the issue between the right and the wrong. Definitive as it is, yet infinitive.

For those who have reservation about its study, it has been made clear that there lies a much greater appreciation in having learned the wonders of subject; be it perceived as magical or realistic. Truth is, there is no hocus-focus magic in mathematics, only pure interest is needed to comprehend the wonders of what numbers can do in our lives. Of course, all learning is considered futile without putting it in application.

In reality, we are evolving in a world filled with numbers. It takes one to have a clear idea of the basic mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to be at par with demands of everyday living. To simplify things, all that an individual has to do is to use with care ten numbers from zero to nine and with analytical discipline the figures will generate the principled answers in solving problems.

Life will present itself more clearly when students learn to focus their interest in learning more about mathematics in school. A person may at times be deprived of expressing one’s feeling due to certain handicap in both oral and written skills. But as one develops awareness in the knowledge of numbers, the safe haven of confidence will be like dealing the truth all throughout.

It has been said that only the truth can set us free. It is undeniable. So let us keep a candid interest in learning more about the many true wonders of math with the coming of ages.