“The Educators”

Post date: Oct 5, 2017 5:20:04 AM

By: Princess Diane G. Supan

Being a teacher is not easy, we know that. Our work is not ended in school. When we go home after work, we still have a lot of things to do especially to our profession/ work. Making some paper works like lesson plan, unit plan etc. Aside from that, we still have to prepare our instructional materials like visual aids considering that they can be of great help for the learning process of the students. For each quarter, our abilities in constructing test papers will be assessed, because we have to submit those test papers to evaluate the knowledge of our students in a particular subject. At first, it’s difficult to make an exam for the students but our superior and colleagues are always there to guide us, then at the end of the day we can able to develop ourselves, we will realize that making a test questioners is very simple. Aside from paper works, one of our responsibilities/tasks is to guide and discipline our students because we are considered as second parents of them. We should always be there to protect them, correct their mistakes, give proper guidance to develop their abilities and attitudes. We should always give an advise when they need too, so that they can feel that they belong and we can treat them as our own. Now tell me, would you like to become educator? It’s not the sacrifices we’ve done to fulfill our duties and responsibilities. It’s not about the gifts we received from our students for every special occasions. It’s not about the monthly salary. It’s not about the positive or negative feedback we received from other people, but it’s all about love and care to our students.