The Cardinal Directions for Teachers

Post date: Nov 28, 2017 1:32:08 AM

By: Aisee Paguio Cruz, MAEd, BNHS T- III

If you are in the field of teaching, you should be able to turn your head in all directions: East, West, North, and South.

First, you must spread your arms to welcome the bright sunrise coming from the east which symbolizes hope, optimism, faith, and courage in order for you to remain inspired, motivated, and enthusiastic.

Next, brace yourself to face the west which serves as a reminder that in every sunrise, there is sunset. Thus, you must be strong and steadfast enough to survive your sail in times of unexpected waves. Note in mind that you are the captain of the ship. Dark times come for you not to close your sight but instead that is the most appropriate time for you to open your eyes widely to find a glimpse of light.

More so, wave your hands on your way to the north which has the polar star signifying permanence but at the same time disaster. Here, regardless of the unending problems and trials, you have to remain on your post. You must do your duties and attend to your responsibilities.

Finally, turn your head to the south where life usually does not prosper. Hence, there are times of failure, downfall, and stumble. Nonetheless, life will get tired of facing the south as you also get tired of losing. Consequently, if you did not win today, tomorrow you would.

Furthermore, aside from being blessed for having those four directions, teachers were also provided with two more directions: upward and downward.

I believe the all of us can be mountains someday, but we should always be humble. “Be a mountain underneath the sky and not on top of the plains.” Henceforth, we should always bear in mind that no matter how high our achievements are, look up and offer it all to the Almighty One. We are nothing without Him.

Also, according to the Mulan movie, “No matter how the wind howls, the mountain cannot bow to it.” Briefly, we should know our limitations; we should know our rights but remember to practice it with humility.

We, teachers are forest rangers. We may use or refer to a compass in order to find the right direction. But then again, what is ahead of us will always be uncertain. Nevertheless, we should not stop. We must continue searching for the right direction to keep the fire of hope burning.