The Advent of Technology

Post date: Mar 31, 2017 6:00:39 AM

Rovilyn S. Dizon

Teacher I - Bataan National High School

Undeniably, technology has gone a long way in helping us make things and work a lot easier compared to the past generations. It has proved its self as a channel and apparent proof of social transformation. It has brought the modern society both on its pinnacle of success and decline.

Gone are the days when most of the broods in the neighborhood would gather together to play and share the innocence of life. Those sweet smiles and laughter that could only be heard because of obliviously building connections and friendship are gradually fading now. I can barely see children who prefer to go out and play under the sunny and luminous day or have fun by dancing under the rain. Yes, technology has taken away one of the most significant parts of life --- childhood.

Even the youth of modern days engage themselves more on technological advancement. Social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram enclose them in a sphere of complete isolation from the realities of life. Computer games steadily teach them the concept of brutality and selfishness. Yes it is true that these technologies and social media make our world a smaller planet to live in. However, I think it is not fair enough to put the blame on lifeless thing, right?

Through social media account, modern generation meet a lot of people and build temporary connections with the people they meet online. They gain friends, they gain followers but they also earn haters. They become more conscious on their looks and on how people see them. They become more passionate on mundane things which in the end could not define true humanity.

I wonder if Rizal was still alive today, would he also create a social media account and post all his ideals and his way of life? At least for Rizal, I am sure that he will use it prudently. No. maybe you got me wrong. I am not saying that youth of modern days are not using technology the way it should be, but some of them use it to make themselves vulnerable to bullying and discrimination. Some post pictures, status and other stuffs that put them under the limelight of debate and chaos. They never realize that everything they put on the social media is a confession of their character.

Technology has been of great help to us. It was never created to bring chaos and be a tool of ignorance and malevolence. Remember things can be both beneficial and destructive depending on the way we use them.