Technology in Education

Post date: Jun 21, 2017 1:43:58 AM

by: Sarah Jenn R. San Blas

When DepEd decided to integrate technology in the daily lesson of our students both in Junior High School and Senior High School, some teachers were surprised that they did not even know how to use basic e-mail. Most of them had no e-mail addresses and did not know how to create one. But then, our teachers became determined to teach them. Their advocacy is to promote the development of 21st century skills through the use of technology in teaching although it was not easy.

Introducing technology in the school and the community was an uphill climb. It was really difficult and very challenging though technology was already present when DepEd started maximizing its use. A lot of teachers were open to the idea of shifting from manual to digital although some students were hesitant and would rather stick to the conventional way of learning.

Fortunately, the K to 12 curriculum greatly help teachers in their efforts to help students harness the power of Internet. When the K to 12 curriculum started its roll-out in 2012, it became a window in promoting 21st century skills which include information, media and technology. Many teachers took advantage of it by constantly promoting and talking about how to utilize technology in order to make learning meaningful. They also invited representatives from an IT school who did the workshops.

From there, they were able to expand learning and came to terms with the use of basic tools like PowerPoint, MS Word, Excel and basic Internet navigation. Since then, our students have enjoyed getting involved in many projects using tools such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher and Photoshop